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Group of citizens advocating a constitutional amendment establishing direct democracy with secure voting networks connected to voter's homes

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Monday, April 23, 2007

It's time for common sense and direct democracy.

Nothing could be a more vivid example of inept government than our elected representatives throwing selfish interest political rocks at each other in this unique time of war, amid growing terrorism and high risk national security. The struggle for power in the United States has turned our democratic republic into a costly over-regulated wasteland of petty politics in a dangerous landscape of politically correct mine fields.

Indeed, our government is on the road to becoming as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated. America is better than election-time lies. This voter, for one, demands change. More democracy and less government. The truth, before it's too late. We can't get it from the two-party system. We can't get it from pandering politicians, biased activists, the education establishment, polemic websites, blogs or the news media.

The only way to change things and get the truth is to do it ourselves, with common sense and direct democracy. The direct democracy solution would be to amend the Constitution to establish secure voting networks connected to voters homes, wherein we would elect well-compensated nonpartisan professional representatives to manage no more government than we need, and to provide us with the truth. Communications with our elected representatives and all elections would be conducted over the voting networks. After being fully informed, the collective judgment of the voters would decide all matters regarding taxation, public policy and constitutional amendments. Existing constitutional rights and protections would not be affected.

For details about direct democracy and the proposed amendment visit the website at If you have any questions or comments, please post them here.

Dan Jeffs, founder of The Direct Democracy Center and manager of this blog


I have re-established this blog for the Direct Democracy Center so that people can post their imput and ask questions about the issues that confront us, and about direct democracy. We need direct democracy now more than ever. Our future will undoubtedly depend on it.

The war against terror is being compromised by politics as usual, escalated into a political party war between Democrats and Republicans. The Democratic Party has been compromised by far left activists. The Republican Party is transforming into a tax and spend party, nearly as bad as the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, supported by the complicit news media and entertainment industry, undermined the efforts in Iraq with relentless bad news, which emboldened al Qaida terrorists to create civil war and cost more lives. The propaganda effort paid off for Democrats in the 2006 election. They took power in the House and Senate. Their efforts continue to undermine efforts in Iraq so they can gain presidential power in the 2008 election. We simply cannot trust self-corrupting politics and the two-party system.


Sunday, November 17, 2002

After the 2000 presidential election debacle, the attack on America, the stock market madness, all the corporate corruption and the 2002 elections, maybe it's time for the people to make major decisions with direct democracy. We propose a constitutional amendment establishing direct democracy with secure voting networks connected to voter's homes. What do you think? Check out our site at: